Delmont Sport Shop 109 Greensburg Street Delmont PA 15626  (724) 468-6262
John@DelmontSportShop.comcastbiz.net  or check out our                      Delmont Sport Shop group on Facebook for up to date pictures

Hours: Monday, Tuesday and Thursday 10AM - 8PM

Wednesdays and Fridays 10AM - 6PM

Saturdays 9AM - 3PM                             

November and December only: Sundays 1PM - 5PM

We buy, sell and trade new and used guns, purchase estates and complete transfers 
Muzzleloaders, black powder, bullets, patches, priming tools, flasks
We have USA Buck Knives
Reloading components: primers, powders, bullets, dies, reloaders, scales, books
Fishing tackle, supplies and live bait in season

We have Goex FFFFg powder.